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Mad Honey / Shiva Honey


100% natural spiritual Rhodondenron Honey.
Shiva honey, also known as mad honey, goes back thousands of years. Ancient civilizations from Nepal, the Black Sea Region and Ancient Greece have used it long ago as form of medicine and to enjoy its spiritual effects which it gets from rhododendron flower nectar. This special flower makes a very high quality honey that we call Mad Honey.

All natural and locally sourced honey.

Shiva Honey is maintained and taken care of by honest farmers who harvest the honey where they live. Not only do our partners support their community by negotiating fair prices, their income is ensured with contracts that they can count on. The mad honey is all natural, straight from the beehive. No additives. No post processing. All organic.

For the people by the people.

Shiva Honey started with the vision that this heavenly mad honey should be available to the whole world. For now and always! That is why we respect nature and its beings. Through our business we treat them as well as we possibly can. This makes our honey the sweetest Mad honey .

Fast international shipping from the Netherlands
Shiva Honey is an 100% natural product and approved by the Dutch Commodities Act

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6 reviews for Shiva Honey 3x50gr

  1. Han89

    I like the new packaging!

    you got to combine the honey with hbwr and a little bit of red wine imo

  2. Indra and marc

    The effect is pretty mild but it is great honey and a great story for guests

  3. Hill

    Love the fact that it is honey.

    Put two spoons in ny breakfast tea!

  4. iris and friends

    laughd our ass of for 2 hours and then it stopped. not bad lmao

  5. Anna Nowak

    Tried with my freinds and it was pretty fun! Not as heavy as a bong hit lol but fun. really good service

  6. None of your concern

    It was okay but not super exciting + it’s expensive

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