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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds

The hallucogenic qualtiy’s of the Hawaiian baby woodrose, also known as Elepehant creeper or Agryreia nervosa are only known since the 1960’s. However many seeds alike have been used by shamans for centuries.
The Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds contains different ergolines. One of these ergolines is Lysergic acid hydrocyethylamide also known as LSA. 

Legal high in most countries

In the Netherlands LSA containing seeds are known as “legal high”. However in some countries it is not legal to consume  Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.We suggest to plant them: That is why all our orders come with a special “do not consume sticker”. This way we make sure, your seeds arrive safely. 

How to use the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

The Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds can be chewed or ground and made in to a tea.
Most users prefer the tea because this will create less nausea. If chewed the seeds should be kept in the mouth for as long as possible.
If made in to a tea the seeds should be grinded. It is important that the water is cold. Stir the tea a little and wait at least 1,5 hours before filtering out the ground up material.
tip: make sure you consume the seeds on an empty stomach and use enough vitamin C.

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