About Shiva

All products we offer are natural and have a spiritual value. This means al the products we offer should be handled with care and respect.

Our story

The idea of Shiva Honey was started in 2018 by two friends in the Netherlands who were curious about mad honey and its effect. After trying the honey they instantly knew this product was one of a kind. As they were surprised the honey was not being sold in Europe (yet), they decided to start Shiva Honey without realizing how much commercial potential it would have.

The company is now ramping up production as demand for this special good is growing every day. 

All natural products sourced by honest farmers

We make sure that production of our products had a positive impact on people and animals!

Sent discretely from the Netherlands

We’ll make sure every order is packed discretely. Nosey neighbours won’t suspect a thing.

Always looking for new products

We are actively searching for and testing new spiritual experiences.  Feel free to shoot us ideas!

Already trusted by +1000


We believe a lot of people in western society lost their inner touch with nature, often we see ourselves and nature as two seperate things.

“We are nature and nature is us!”

With our products we want to bring you closer to nature by giving you a spiritual and natural experience.
This way we bring our society closer to nature. We need to feel connected to nature in order to save it!

100% natural products

Fast worldwide shipping from the Netherlands

All our products are approved by the Dutch Commodities Act

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